Blowing The Paper

Writing is the way for which people thousand of years ago express and share their ideas, thinkings, discoveries, and inventions until the present.  The written word is beyond the spoken words,  the way in which you write relay in the message that you want to express to your audience or readers.

Whenever you want to inform a specific topic, the way to write is different, just as the words, the vocabulary, and the method.   The genders in literature are diverse, with different meanings and focus.  Never the less a writer has to take four things into account whenever is ready to write a specific text: the format, the grammar,  the organization of the text and the target reader you want to inform or share.

For example, if we analyze a  poem itself we are going to notice that a good writing is a poem that expresses the feeling of the author, and the deep message of the poem. In this type of format, we find that the author has to surprise the reader. let’s analyze a part of shakspere poem of Romeo and Juliet.

” “These violent delights have violent ends And in their triump die, like fire and powder Which, as they kiss, consume”

After reading this quote from this famous poem, we can find two specific characteristics that made of this a good poem. First,  it has a specific and meaningful message in which the reader is deeply related, due to the reason that the poem analyzes and express the reality of life. Second, we can find a literature characteristic that is the simile in which Shakespeare relates violence with fire and powder. Indeed we can see how the author engages the reader into a quote that is surprising, meaningful and well written.

However, not all the people take their time wisely when trying to explore the beauty of writing, some of them just take this space as something ordinary and unmeaningful. This lack of interest and experience is justified whenever we find a text with a specific or correct format ,whenever we find an author that just want to show off by hiding his ignorance with confusion in their text and finally a lack of vocabulary and grammar use. But, in order to understand the difference between a good and a bad reading is time to show an example of what is not a good writing.

“See here, fellows: It is me, your skinny-stemmed little daisy faggot boy
Yoo-hoo! Yes, me – the fellow you keep glaring at.
I have a few things to say, if I might.
Might I? Right, then: first off, let me accede to the discrepancies
between us. I did not just recently fall from the turnip truck,”

This text is part of a poem known as To the Men At Work Outside My Window, written by Steve Almonds, a famous American short story writer. At first, when we see who wrote the poem we may think that the poem is well written due to the reason of his famous career as a  writer, but the truth is that not all the book written by famous people are necessarily good writings.  On this specific example, we find that there is not a meaning in his poem and there is not a clear format.

Finally, the issue between a good and bad writing relay in the writer, due to the reason the readers behave depending on their likes. For example, without caring out the bad writing of this poem, the author published it and got a lot good results, telling the media that at his 30 he was  “attempting to be a writer” when he penned a poem titled. Writing is not an attempt is passion , experience, and practice.

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