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In today’s materialistic society where people value is measured by money, possessions or power but not by their quality as human beings, society has become obsess with the idea of working for achieving that financial freedom and enjoy life. Nevertheless, let me introduce you to a group of persons that had dedicated their life to enjoy and meet new cultures through real life experiences, where money is not a limit for freedom and happiness.


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”


Backpackers, A group of people that is spread all around the world, this terms more than identifying this group of persons, is the clear representation of a culture, the representation of an ideology, belief, and understanding of the world. First of all, in order to understand this blog, it’s essential to mention who are the backpackers: the people that make part of this group are most of the times high school or college students that decide to go and travel with one  climbing back the world without financial, housing or tourist previous plans, instead they make their own path day by day, with new experiences, adventures, and discoveries, with the only objective to find the real richness and happiness of life. However, over the past few year, there has been an increase of age of lovers of this lifestyle from the 30s to the 40s.

On this order of ideas, the people that make part of this culture breath the same air of freedom, travel is a lifestyle, the money is just a superficial and useless weapon for society and the experience is their daily life. Furthermore, when we understanding this culture, we can mention some general topics that are common in the conversations between each single member of this culture: the independence of individuals in society, thinking outside the box and believing that traveling fulfills their happiness and their understanding of life.


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On the other hand, it’s important to highlight that these travelers are not as conventional tourist when looking at the duration of their trips, the backpacker take the decision of living in this environment and culture for most time of their life, there could be a close relationship in the past with the Nomads civilization, who decided to move from place to place without need of specializing equipment.  This behavior actually had a unique purpose for their lives in which they look further to find new food, new weather, and new experiences, exactly as what the backpacker do when experimenting new adventures in different places worldwide.


“It is fatal to know too much at the outset: boredom comes as quickly to the traveler who knows his route as to the novelist who is overcertain of his plot” –      ( Paul Theroux ) .



In this blog Post, I am going to show three of  my self-created poems, that for me are the ones that achieve the level of  clearness and meaningfulness that a poem should have, in which the author in an implicit way express  a message to the reader through a  poem, that has a meaning and specifies focus .


  1. . Poem. 


In this first poem, the idea was to show every single reader the simple things of life, the love that we need to have to our own things our possessions and how at the same time we should value or freedom that allow us to live and develop or selves in the world.   On the other hand, I also want to tell every single person that you should be proud of the group you make part of.

Furthermore, I think this is one of my best poems because, with such a small amount of words, I expressed a message for every single person’s life, a reflection for loving every single simple thing in life, each experience, achievement, recognition or being part of any specific group, such for an example being a LAKER.


Simple Love 

The Love of cats for food

My Room with flowers, and glasses

As my love for my  car

Jail with no air

We are lakers


Hiker Mountain Range Mountains Mountain Chill Guy
maxpixel.. An image that represents the happiness of life, the simplicity, and love for our achievements

2. Poem

Credits to de3euk.deviantart: In life there is always two sides, it depends on in you in which part of the edges you want to be part of.



3 Poem

This poem talks and explains where poetry is hidden, how the poetry is a very important and essential part of our daily life happiness and amazing experiences. Indeed, my main purpose and hope were to create a sense of reflection in the reader in which they should understand the importance of poetry in our life, how we can create from the most simple and quotidian thing in our life something beautiful, amazing and useful.

Finally, I decide to choose this poem as one of my top three because I was able to introduce to the audience the beauty of poetry through a creative and original purpose. Actually,I think that the Idea of  explaining how the poetry works as the blood that pumps into our heart and maintains us a life is a way in which I really was able to catch and engage the readers for them to open a space for reflection about the importance of poetry for our life self-achievement and success.

Where The Poetry Hides?

Poetry hides from us, our mission is to catch it

Poetry is our hidden blood that maintains us a life

Like a pure river that flows all over our body


Poetry is fulfilling and bumping a pure liquid into our heart

Poetry is hidden in every moment of happiness in our life

Poetry appears in the life of those who seek for hope and freedom

But why is hidden from me?


Poetry hides in every simple thing of our life

Poetry hides in our decisions and actions


Credits to pixabay. Poetry hides from us, the happiness of life relays on how we face it, how we are able to escape from that dark room from which he sees far away from a hole of light and experience with the help of poetry the beauty of being a life.

Blowing The Paper

Writing is the way for which people thousand of years ago express and share their ideas, thinkings, discoveries, and inventions until the present.  The written word is beyond the spoken words,  the way in which you write relay in the message that you want to express to your audience or readers.

Whenever you want to inform a specific topic, the way to write is different, just as the words, the vocabulary, and the method.   The genders in literature are diverse, with different meanings and focus.  Never the less a writer has to take four things into account whenever is ready to write a specific text: the format, the grammar,  the organization of the text and the target reader you want to inform or share.

For example, if we analyze a  poem itself we are going to notice that a good writing is a poem that expresses the feeling of the author, and the deep message of the poem. In this type of format, we find that the author has to surprise the reader. let’s analyze a part of shakspere poem of Romeo and Juliet.

” “These violent delights have violent ends And in their triump die, like fire and powder Which, as they kiss, consume”

After reading this quote from this famous poem, we can find two specific characteristics that made of this a good poem. First,  it has a specific and meaningful message in which the reader is deeply related, due to the reason that the poem analyzes and express the reality of life. Second, we can find a literature characteristic that is the simile in which Shakespeare relates violence with fire and powder. Indeed we can see how the author engages the reader into a quote that is surprising, meaningful and well written.

However, not all the people take their time wisely when trying to explore the beauty of writing, some of them just take this space as something ordinary and unmeaningful. This lack of interest and experience is justified whenever we find a text with a specific or correct format ,whenever we find an author that just want to show off by hiding his ignorance with confusion in their text and finally a lack of vocabulary and grammar use. But, in order to understand the difference between a good and a bad reading is time to show an example of what is not a good writing.

“See here, fellows: It is me, your skinny-stemmed little daisy faggot boy
Yoo-hoo! Yes, me – the fellow you keep glaring at.
I have a few things to say, if I might.
Might I? Right, then: first off, let me accede to the discrepancies
between us. I did not just recently fall from the turnip truck,”

This text is part of a poem known as To the Men At Work Outside My Window, written by Steve Almonds, a famous American short story writer. At first, when we see who wrote the poem we may think that the poem is well written due to the reason of his famous career as a  writer, but the truth is that not all the book written by famous people are necessarily good writings.  On this specific example, we find that there is not a meaning in his poem and there is not a clear format.

Finally, the issue between a good and bad writing relay in the writer, due to the reason the readers behave depending on their likes. For example, without caring out the bad writing of this poem, the author published it and got a lot good results, telling the media that at his 30 he was  “attempting to be a writer” when he penned a poem titled. Writing is not an attempt is passion , experience, and practice.



The world is crashing under the power of ignorance. A word that represents the more dangerous weapon for our society,  poor and middle-class students have received the most powerful strike in the world’s history,  the lack of knowledge is the  common denominator in  our present and unfortunately  of the  future of most of the Latin America countries . We are now slaves of those who malpractice and manipulate the power of knowledge, those who have power and money have  ambitious and the   desire for more and more,  but the way for them to grow is by diminishing the lower classes, by decreasing the possibilities of success.

Mankind is divided into rich and poor, into property owners and exploited; and to abstract oneself from this fundamental division, and from the antagonism between poor and rich, means abstracting oneself from fundamental facts.

Joseph stalin


However, the rich and wealthy governmental royalty know that the one thing you can’t take from someone it’s their intelligence and their knowledge, this is why the one fact the government wants to crash in this countries is the educational system, The students are no longer able to exploit their capacities and strengths, while they exploited them for them to become richer and powerful  elite .  Furthermore, here we find a bigger issue and is the role of money in direct relation to the education. In countries like mine, the government has limited  the effort of a minority to bring to public school personal finance and entrepreneurship, but they know that they cannot act as a fascist regime and this is why they use money in order to manipulate those persons who  seek for a better future. Indeed,  they are willing to hide their real  propose over the name of freedom , but the reality is that  “ The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant “ , this quote from one of the most important politician  that France has had , Maximilien Robespierre, explain us how  government  in countries like Colombia want to keep a low  educational  system, as a way to maintain the control and the destiny direction of those who have and have not .
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This  minority that has the power and money, is going to do the impossible to avoid  a relationship with those who are being exploited  in a direct or indirect way by their actions  because the urgent want of power of a minority is above the human rights of  a mayority.

Brave Man



This is a Blog for the reader to take conscious  about the need for personal finance and Entrepreneurship in the school’s academy curriculum. Indeed there are going to be close relations between global countries panorama as an argue for the urgent need of this classes especially in the poorest and underdeveloped countries. This is warning  for schools, a warning  for the world future, it’s a warning  for those who doesn’t belief  in the end crash of systems, death people, Global war, the agony of the world and just because of Ignorance.

“The World its a dangerous place to life,not because of the people who are evil, but because the people that don’ t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein



During the last decades, the economy has crashed for some countries until the point the level of poor and unstudied people has growth in tremendous ways. Studies have shown that in countries like Colombia  where riches is every day richer and the poorest became every day poorest the level of violence has growth at it highest  point, the reason why this happens its because the lack of government responsibility and compromise with its nation: the corruption, the ignorance and violence   are some facts that can be collected and briefly explained in just one word,” Death “, a literal economical and cultural death of a place where the citizen act like zombies feeding  with their honest  work the wallets of those who manage the way of hiding their  corruption acts under the name of legacy .

This global panorama can be briefly focused on Colombia actual situation, where the money value has decreased until the point the country have become the retirement place for many foreign people, the life level it is so cheap that the  retired people just invest there ,as the family members invest in their coffin for their deaths . Causing in its way a hidden economy where there is a  block economy.


The Cure for this global disease it’s the education, the education in the moral and personal success or entrepreneurship. In Countries like the USA the level of poor people have  decreased, while the level of new business and growth in the economy have  increased notably. When persons listen to this concepts they may think that getting the financial success  it’s just for lucky or very intelligent people, but the truth is that the more you study the highest are your possibilities to achieve any goal in life, any personal or professional goal. However, if you decide to follow the conformism  way, there is no dude that death its going to catch you early. But death ?.


DEATH in life— no freedom, debts, lack of food, No Education, are some of the symptoms that people in countries with out any economical curriculum  suffer.

Allusions ” The Hiden Word “

This is the excerpt for your very first post.




  1. the old Chinese woman’s speech when Charlie takes her eggplant: “O White Devil, you do not want to purloin that purple fruit, for I have four thousand years of ancestors and civilization on you; my grandparents built the railroads and dug the silver mines, and my parents survived the earthquake, the fire, and a society that outlawed even being Chinese; I am mother to a dozen, grandmother to a hundred, and great-grandmother to a legion; I have birthed babies and washed the dead; I am history and suffering and wisdom; I am a Buddha and a dragon; so get your fucking hand off my eggplant before you lose it.”


From this speech the Chinese old woman give many allusion, but I think that the most important is the Buddha. Taking into account and knowing that Buddha was the founder of the Buddhism  religion, a person known by his special characteristics from which we can highlight the way he lived life, a life without mind frontiers, no limitations or negativism.  So in this specific case when she said she is Buddha she means that she is a person that tries to live her life without problems or unhappiness, she is a person who’s mind doesn’t have limitations, taking into account her age. In the same hand, The old woman mentioned Buddha instead of another character because as she is from the Chinese culture they follow the teaching of Buddha .


  1. Rachel, his wife dying by childbirth


This Event is an allusion to Rachel a Jewish woman that dead as a cause of his second son childbirth. Rachel before dying named his son Benoni. This Story can be found in Genesis 35:16-18.


  • 16” Jacob and his group left Bethel. Before they came to Ephrath, Rachel began giving birth to her baby. 17 She was having a lot of trouble with this birth. She was in great pain. When her nurse saw this, she said, “Don’t be afraid, Rachel. You are giving birth to another son.”
  • 18 “Rachel died while giving birth to the son. Before dying, she named the boy Benoni.[a] But Jacob called him Benjamin.[b]”.

There is a connection between Charlies Wife death and the Bible “Rachel”. First, it’s important to mention that Rachel in the bible is considered as a holy woman that had serious problems in her life, starting because his husband married her sister as a mistake cause Rachel’s Fathers fault. The allusion the author who wrote the book didn’t put Rachel name randomly, he actually created a connection between the religion, the name and the way of how both Rachel’s died.



  1. The Morrigan


The author makes an allusion to the figure from Irish mythology, who represents faith and a battle against death. The proposal  of the author of naming the Dark Power the Morigan it’s a representation of the fight against death and the dark side from the underworld. It’s also important to highlight the connection that the author does with the personification of the  Morrigan, because as we known in the Dirty Job the Morrigan are three monsters  that as I mentioned before represents the death, and the Marrigan in the Irish mythology  are   most of the time described as a trio of individuals called ‘the three Morrígna “,named   Badb, Macha and Nemain.


Part 2: Relating allusions with my own topic.


My topic is going to be V for Vendetta book in which we can see many historical and cultural allusions. V for Vendetta is a book written by Alan Moore in the year 1989 and is about  a not the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain. As a cause of this government oppression, we find V a ultra-anarchist man that is going against this government rules.


  1. “V” Symbol

In the Book we find the main character V, who is a citizen that’s not happy with the government way of ruling, he shown to have an anarchist personality from which his actions represent. In this boo,k V after he does any attack or strikes he leave a symbol for the people to know that the was the responsible.  The symbol is an allusion to the anarchist symbol created around the sixties by a French anarchist group name  Jeunesse Libertaire  , because V symbol has the exact  same features as the real symbol, with the only difference that the A is flipped over. In this order of ideas, we can see how Alan Moore connects V personality, his beliefs, and actions with the symbol that represents him.


Credits to :
Credits to :


  1. Blowing up England’s Parliament.


During the development of the book, we find a set of actions committed by V that helps us understand his anarchist positions. However, one of the most impressive act that he did was when he blow up England’s parliament as a way to show firework to the dominated England community. Actually, this scene it’s an allusion to guy Fawkes failed attack to the England Parliament on November 5, 1605 . This guy is famous for his failed terrorist attack to the parliament, he was trying to blow it up just as V did on the book.  In this order of ideas, we find that there is a clear illusion that The author from the book wanted to give us, because the attack was made in the book the exact date, month and year and the real attack, and the person who did the attack had the same objectives and intentions as V of armed rebellion against London’s government.  Finally, this allusion creates a contextualization for the readers to know the real objetives of the actions of V and why he acts like he does.



Guy Fawkes Night ________ Thanks To
Guy Fawkes Night___ Thank To


  1. “Dancing in the Street”


In the book, there was a part when the main character escape from the police after he committed a terrorist attack, when we came to his underground cave he starts to play in his disco machine the song  “Dancing in the Street” by the 60s band Martha and the Vandellas. After explaining the allusion it’s important to mention that this song was known as a critique of the political racism and oppression. After knowing this context, we can find the allusion of the song with the movie context, because he  wants to express with playing this song his thoughts and belief against the government oppression.


Here we have a part from the song lyrics

” Oh, it doesn’t matter what you wear
Just as long as you are there
So come on, every guy grasp a girl
Everywhere around the world
There’ll be dancin’
They’re dancin’ in the streets”

This part of the song pertains to the citizens of the country to increase the mentality of freedom, the emotion of happiness, to not limit their self to the fact they are being discriminated and oppressed by a tyrannical  government, that why V plays that song in his cave.


Martha and the Vandellas --- Thank To :
Martha and the VandellasThank — To :